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Dental charges


Every patient is different and therefore the cost of each dental treatment will vary according to complexity. The following prices are for guidance only.


Endodontic referral


If CBCT required

+ £100-£150

Restorative work, second opinions & self-referrals


If radiographs or diagnostic CBCT required

+ £100-£150


Root canal treatment

 from £650

Dental implant

from £1300 (implant only)

Dental implant & crown

 from £2600

New denture supported on two implants (over denture)

 from £3995

 from £1500

Periodontal / gum disease treatment

 from £300 per treatment session

Periodontal / gum surgery 

 from £550

Tooth whitening

 from £300


 from £650


 from £650

Composite bonding

 from £250

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