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Dental implants in Aberford

Dental implants provide an excellent solution to missing teeth. If you’re thinking about getting dental implants, here we break down the essential information.

Why choose dental implants?

If you’re missing a tooth, you’ll no doubt be aware of the issues it can cause. You may feel self-conscious when you smile, for example. Or you might have difficulty eating certain foods. But did you know that a missing tooth or teeth can have more serious consequences, such as gum disease, headaches and bone loss? Not only that, but the surrounding teeth can start to drift into the gap, causing them to become loose.

It is therefore essential to replace missing teeth. A dental implant provides a long-lasting and natural-looking replacement. It won’t move, and will look and feel just like your natural teeth, meaning that you can chew and eat as normal. A dental implant will also help to prevent the bone loss that is caused when you lose a natural tooth root.

Which dental implants are best?

Dr Gahan only uses Straumann implants, which he considers to be the best dental implants available today. They have a high success rate among patients, and use pioneering materials which offer increased healing between the implant and the bone.

Am I suitable for dental implants?

Some people may not be a good candidate for dental implants. They can include smokers, people with diabetes and those with gum disease. However, if any of these apply to you, it doesn’t automatically rule you out of dental implants.  

Dr Gahan has 18 years’ experience of placing implants. He will be able to advise whether you are a suitable candidate or not and provide an alternative solution if necessary. Why not book a dental implant consultation at our friendly practice near Aberford to talk through your options.

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of your dental implant will depend on what component it is attached to, such as a bridge or denture support. Dr Gahan will talk you through the costs at your consultation. You can find more information our fees page.

When considering the cost of dental implants, it's important to remember that the price will generally reflect the quality of the implant. Cheaper implants will use less quality materials, putting you more at risk of them failing. 


In addition, the price will also reflect the experience and expertise of the dentist placing them. Dr Gahan is a GDC-registered specialist and has spent 11 years working as a Restorative Specialist and Consultant.

Book your dental implant consultation in Aberford

If you are wondering “where are can I get implants near me”, you can visit Dr Gahan at Finkle Hill Dental Care — just a ten-minute drive from Aberford. To book a consultation, simply call the friendly team on 01977 682200 or email

About Dr Gahan

Dr Gahan has been fitting dental implants for over 18 years. He is a GDC-registered specialist and has been an NHS consultant in Restorative Dentistry since 2010. He divides his time between NHS work and private specialist practice.

He has been seeing dental implants patients at the practice near Aberford for just under a year and enjoys being part of such a friendly and professional team.

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